Monday, June 9, 2008

Sladest News

Checking in for a bit since i got some time. No one really reads this anyway so whatever.

I actually have a job now, at the Main Street Market in west Belleville. My buddies' dad owns it and was good enough to hook me up with some mostly part-time work(30-40 a week), which, combined with what i do at my mom's place gives me a pretty decent chuck of change at the end of the week. Considering i don't really have any bills to pay right now, i'll take it. Considering the location of this fine establishment, the MILF factor is extremely high which i'm not complaining about in the least.

Went to RED BUD a few weeks ago to hang with the ever-excellent Sara and Mindy Reeble, plus Sara's manfriend Matt and the Reeble parents as well. Had a smashing good time at some sweet dive bar, went to some house party with awkward teens and lots of big trucks, and took a detour to watch huge lightning storms on the way back. Had Heavy Metal Video Breakfast featuring an Enuff Znuff video that i'll never be able to get out of my head even though i can't even remember how the song goes. Hung out with Joey aka the largest cat in the known world. He's a fat motherfucker. Southern Illinois is awesome despite most of the residents sucking wholesale.

Caught the Megabus to chicago last weekend for Punch In The Face's last show, had a blast and saw lots of old friends and whatnot. Stayed at Sears' place, dude is a quality individual and a good friend/drinking partner. Punch In The Face is awesome, sucks i'll have to wait until 2013 to see them again. The other bands were decent, STL dudes were in effect, and the drive to the after-party/after-party was hilarious. Discussing East St. Louis strip clubs with an Austrailian is somethingi never thought i'd find myself doing. All in all it was a good time, even though i dislike the city of chicago immensely. So many good people stuck in such a shitty place. I can't smoke and drink while standing in the same place? Fuck you. Chicago is not America.

Been trying to get in better shape lately, i've cut beer and soda from my diet and been trying to eat healthier in general. I've been riding my bike about 5 miles per day too. It's working, i think. I've been sleeping better too, which means i've been having dreams that i can actually remember. Dreams that make me wish i had a girlfriend. That's really all i need to say about that.

NEXT UP: the Florida Diaries. Hopefully i'll remember most of it...